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Brand new here (registered about 15 seconds ago!) and I have a quick question. I tried searching around a bit, but haven't found anyone asking my question.

The program from D'Accord called iChords***Link removed by emad*** 'listens' to any song you play on your computer, and at the same time displays the chords it 'hears' on a virtual fret board.

This is useful, for instance, if guitar tab sites don't have any of the chords or tabs for your favorite band - mainly because they were not so popular, and dissolved almost 10 years ago!!

iChords is $39.00, which isn't bad, but it's WINDOWS only. I only have a Mac, and I was wondering if anybody has a suggestion of a similar program (maybe on the new Mac App Store) that does the same thing?

Thanks in advance!

Look for Capo on the App Store, it does pretty much what you've described, for the same price. It also has a play speed function, pitch shifter, and tab writer. It's pretty good for guitar, not so much for bass in my experience.
To be honest, even though there is chord recognition software out there, it usually isn't very accurate. It's a piece of technology that really hasn't been perfected yet so these programs are more often than not very limited. You'd probably be better off transcribing by ear. There's a program out there called Transcribe! and it's available for mac, and it's got a free trial as well. It's basically a collection of tools to make transcribing a bit easier, or the process a bit more streamlined, but it really won't do the job for you. The features of it are available elsewhere (EQ-ing, slowing down, pictch shifting) but it's kind of handy to have it all in one package. It does also have a built in chord/note recognition thing, but it really is quite terrible, and again, the recognition tools out there usually don't do the job half as good as they want you to believe.

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Actually, you could be right, the middle section especially sounds quite a bit like marketing. I hope I haven't wasted my daily helpfulness. I'm not going to report quite yet though, could just be an honest new user and even though the link might have been a little unnecessary it does kind of relate to the discussion.
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this look like creative advertising to me

Very good point. On further examination this does look like an advert.