Just need a bit of advice, im not looking to sell anything on here because i dont want to get into trouble but i would like to know if anyone thinks selling a guitar you no longer want on ebay is better than selling to a music shop?
nothing special just a 250 to 300 pound guitar...will a music shop rip me off????
When a shop sells it, they will take a significant portion of the profits. I sold a guitar to a shop once. They took about 30% of the price it was sold for.
Also keep in mind that they may not be interested in selling your guitar.
A music store might buy it for less since they have to resell it and they'll probably start low. It's takes more work and time to put it on ebay, but you might end up getting a better price if the buyer is legit.
Yeah they will off you about £100 for it if its worth 250-300

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Music stores will try to buy it for the least amount they can offer so they can sell if for the most they can get away with so make the most money. If you sell it to someone on eBay though it might depend.

Why don't you go to the music store first and get an estimate, then put it on eBay to see how much you get?
The guy in the store once told me, they offer you 40% of what they'll sell it for. And with the economy in the crapper they lowball everything. I got an offer of $100 for my marshall stack. Gaabage
yeh i'll probably do that, theres a whole street of them in london so i'll go door to door.
thanks for advice
The best price you'll get from a shop is half the amount they think they'll sell it for, so that will be the worst price you'll get.

Check ebay for similar guitars - you can do a search on completed listings so you can find out how much they tend to go for on there. You can ask your local guitar shop how much they'll give you for it, at least after you've checked typical ebay prices you'll know how good an offer they give you.

Bear in mind ebay charges - there may be a listing fee, they will also charge around 5-10% of the final value as well as another 5-10% if the buyer pays via paypal (you have to have this as an option to sell on ebay).

The amount you charge for P&P (usually around £15-20) will also be included in the amount used to calculate the paypal fees, but not the ebay final value fee.
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why dont you wanna get into trouble on here???

is it a fake chinese guitar or something?
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Definitely will. They have to make a profit if they are to buy it off you and re-sell it. They will probably offer only 1/3 of what the original price was. Sometimes a dealer might go half or more, but that is rare. You might be better off selling it on your own on ebay.