so i am now in university half way across the country from my home and unable to bring my amp
soooo i was wondering if there is some kind of mini device that i can plug directly in to my guitar or some kind of mini amp that allows me to connect head phones to my amp and still sound fairly good.
i had a gt8 a few years back but im not too big of a fan of it.
does anyone have any recommendations or insight or tips??
There are headphone amps, like the Rockman or the Vox Amplug, but they don't sound great. Even some decent sounding practice amps sound shitty through headphones.

You could try amp simulation software. I don't have a lot of experience with it, but from the recordings I've heard, it's better than a headphone amp.
People hate on it, but I really enjoy my Line 6 POD. Most smaller solid state amps these days have headphone outs, but you'll probably have to get a 1/4" adapter. The POD has more features, but it doesn't have any speakers and it's more expensive. So, it comes down to budget and if you want to be able to have other people hear you play at some point. Good luck!
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My Digitech RP350 have a 1/8 (headphones) input on it.
It prevented a lot of argues with my sister.

Headphone amps SUCK!
It a waste of money!
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