I was just wondering if it would work to use a potentiometer connected to a pedal power adapter to simulate a dying battery?

If so How would I connect it? Diagram?
I did it on my fuzzface. I started with a 250k pot but that was way too much. I ended up using a 10k or 50k (don't remember which) pot and that gave me a good taper. Just connect the hot lead from the battery (the not grounded one) to the center lug and then connect one of the other two lugs to where the hot lead used to be connected.
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it's always good practice to connect any unused pot lug to the wiper. that way, should the pot fail (the wiper be lifted off the resistive track) there will still be some resistance and not an open circuit.
^ no its not. The wiper is the 2nd lug

Jim, ive always wondered if doing that makes it a parallel circuit. One path would be from pot 1 to the wiper and the other path would be from pot one to the end of the resistance to the wiper
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