Hi there,

I'm looking at getting a new amp with a budget of around 400ish. Mostly into to playing blues.

I've tried a Blues Junior and liked it but was just wondering if anyone could suggest some other amps in the same price range that I should check out aswell.


*checks profile* Ohh, so it's not 400 Camels, it's 400 Pounds, I'd say check out the Traynor YCV50B
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The Blues Junior is an excellent recording amp, but if you're looking at gigging you might notice the sound breaking up at higher volumes.

If you can spring the bit of extra cash for a Hot Rod Deluxe or Blues Deluxe, I think it would be well worth your money. I can't speak for the Blues Deluxe, but the Hot Rod Deluxe has an exceptional clean tone and a great drive channel (perfect for blues, but I would recommend a distortion pedal if you play anything really heavy).
I got my Deluxe Reverb (used on ebay) for a touch over £400, it's good for both home use/recording and gigging.

If you're not planning on gigging I'd have said a silverface champ. See them going used on gumtree for well under budget and they're good.

It's a shame you didn't get on this earlier, there was a guy out in Worcester who was selling a tweed blues junior with a shitload of upgrades. The thing sounded fantastic and was on at £500.
Peavey Classic 30 may be worth a look.
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