Hi guys!
Well, on my Gibson guitar, whenever I use the bridge pickup and play a group of notes near or around frets 5 to 7, on the first string, they seem to "ring out" and have a "double" effect. It does not happen with the neck pickup. I thought the string was too close to the pickup so I lowered it (pickup), but this did not help. It does not happen on any other strings, regardless of pickup used.
Any ideas of what could be causing it? I play lead lines on that position and suppose I play frets 5-7-8 on the first string (with bridge pickup), after the 5th and 7th frets have been played, the 8th fret can barely be heard because the previous two frets seem to "echo" and "ring out"...

Any suggestions? Thanks!!
well, i always thought that was because thats the the most resonant frequency in your guitar. it does it to me on a high C note.
Dude, you have a Gibson and don't even know what natural harmonic are? °facepalm°
Sounds like you need to adjust the relief in the neck of your guitar. The 5-7 frets on the guitar typically sit on the point in the neck of the guitar where the most curve is meaning less interference from the subsequent frets regarding string vibration.
Quote by Brandeis
Dude, you have a Gibson and don't even know what natural harmonic are? °facepalm°

lol. i would like it if my guitars all had a "double effect" to it.

harmonics are cool shit yo.
After all day of hankering around with the truss rod, action, string height, pickup height, etc, I have found that the problem occurs on the first string, as always, whenever the others are in tune. I detuned all 5 strings, from 2 to 6, and the first string is fine. No "ringing out" or "echo" with the bridge pickup like before...