with so many apps out now theres tons of crazy stuff u can do/get. so what are some of you guys faves?
I don't have an iPhone, but I know people that do. When I get my hands on their iPhone, I quickly install Cut the Rope, Flowerz and any other awesome and addictive game I know. Do games count as apps?
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...but before our bassist moved on to bass, he played guitar. He was trying to learn barre chords. To make his fingers stay, he sellotaped his whole hand to the fret board.
Then he got cramp and couldn't get the tape of without scissors.
8tracks (Can't make mixes, but you can finally stream them to your ipod/iphone)
Pandora (only because I'm a bitch and won't pay for the last.fm subscription)
Settlers of Catan
NLog Free (It's basically a free minimoog synth to dick around with)
My iPods getting repairs

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The "Papi" games, like Papijump!!!!!

Papi is a retard!

Apps I did like though are
Bunny Shooter - Amazing, FREE, game!
Google Earth
Facebook app (although the last update I saw on it was fucking retarded)
The "Carnivores" games
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