I found a used Cortez P Bass from the 70s and was wondering if anybody as heard of this company and if this would be a good bass to pick up. The website that I'm on is selling it for 229.97. I sent them an email to send me some more photos and information on it. They also say that it looks like an American and sounds like an American so either that is true or a good selling tactic.
The problem is that with the Japanese knockoff companies of the sixties and seventies, some of the lesser-known ones used the same names. That having been said, I know of Cortez from the 1970s and no, they aren't something you'd want to spend your money on. They were a relatively low-end knockoff of Gibson and Fender, and they focused on finish and trim rather than on components and build quality. Anything more than US$50.00 for a Cortez from the 1970s is highway robbery, unless you're going through a mid-life crisis and you're trying to return to that first crummy bass you ever picked up back in the day.

For $230.00, you can do a hell of a lot better.
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I really like the Cortez. I have one and a P bass. The Cortez is much more thumpy than the P bass.