We will be releasing our debut album soon. We posted 2 demo songs for you to check out. One instrumental, and one with vocals.


If you like our music, support us by becoming fans here, or on facebook ( add me on my profile brain hammer )
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didnt think there'd be any lebanese guys on this site :P

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Anyways, what are waiting for ? Like the page :P
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Fantastic music, very well played and produced. I applaud you for doing what you're doing in a part of the world that is not the most conducive to creating extreme music. I like the band name also.
That chick in the beginning scared the shit out of me.

I'm guessing that's a good thing in extreme metal.

Sick music, never thought the middle east had talent. But that's just us, we a have a brain that functions in a prejudiced way.

Full support
The symphonizer
Thanks a lot !

We got many talented bands in the M.E, but not enough exposure that's all
Well maybe we'll get some exposure when we decide to move away from the death metal scene because the M.E is full of them
Well if it's working with M.E bands, why change that ? I personally think it's a great initiative.

Btw if you guys are from Lebanon, do you know Kimaera? They're pretty badass
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Quote by rami80
Well maybe we'll get some exposure when we decide to move away from the death metal scene because the M.E is full of them

Hello rami80.

Unfortunately, the M.E is full of shit as well.

I will, in that post, show you that what you said is totally based on ignorance.

1 - Check the Global Battle of the Bands in lebanon : Not one single extreme metal band. ( among 35 bands )

2- The only active extreme metal bands are Kaoteon , Ordum , InnerGuilt and Oath to Vanquish. They all succeeded into getting great feedback , while other bands failed to.

3- Extreme metal bands got persecuted by the retarded regime back then, while others fully enjoyed the liberty to play, so if the M.E is full of extreme metal bands ( which is not the case because most of you guys are partisans of cowardice ), it's because it actually stood to something back then when things "weren't so great like nowadays".

The M.E is full of metalcore bands, gothic and rock bands, and for some reason bad progressive metal bands. ( no talent )

Before you start trolling, do your homework.

Good evening

N.B : Sympho, we don't know Kaoteon personally, but they are a great example to what I said above. They went to jail for playing extreme metal.
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I know all this and I know about the bands that have been thrown in jail oh and innerguilt are back as tristmoon those guys are good. What I'm saying is that bands tend to focus on this one style for there whole career and people lose interest in a certain genre after albums and albums. And why are you accusing me of being a coward? When I am able to do something I will but neither do I have a band and neither am I in the mood for being in one due to the emphasis of all Lebanese on this crap its either Hendrix or some extreme band. Again no diversity.
And you forgot weeping willow.
I ****in' dig it! Love the opening in Dark Triumph. And from there, just heavy as tits. Great work.

If you have the time, crit me back on our Ultimate-Guitar thread and check us out on FB! Our recordings are over a year old now, but we're going back into the studio in a week or two. Cheers!