I like it Nice chorus to it. I really did enjoy how it poked fun. your vocals are great. I would just make sure that your palm muted notes don't buzz or sound a bit clearer. But besides that it sounded pretty great. I like your style of music. Great job
Guitar Hack,
Thanks for the review! I can hear your lyrics clearly: they are funny. The vocals are good, and the style fits the song. Most of the guitar playing is good. I like the songwriting. Audio quality on the guitar could be brighter, but that might make it more difficult to hear the lyrics. I could picture this getting played on a local radio station in your region. Cheers!
Dude sorry it took me a bit to get back to you! I been busy with this work

first of all thank you so much for the critique it means a lot to me

second of picasso's landscape... hilarious! I wish I could write humor in to lyrics a bit better than I do, the flow was perfect and the music went so well with it! Keep it up!
I think this type of song would be better suited to raw acoustic guitar, it just seems a little bit overpowering as it is. The singing and lyrics are really good though. I enjoyed it.
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I bet these songs are great live with an acoustic, I like the effect on the guitar, but chorus seems lost without drums if you know what I mean.
Song is well written, guitar was simple and used to good effect, I may have to listen a few times to the lyrics as there was alot of em. I wish I could write as many as that . It's a weak point of mine.

hey thanks for the crit,

like the song alot, guitar sounds good and the lyrics are fun, i agree it would definatly do well live with an acoustic.
as a recording it could use some drums at the chorus to make it more stand out from the rest but that is all i have to say, it sounds good and its a great song too good job
its not bad, i enjoyed it, lyrics make me chuckle, the vocals got kinda boring, need more melody but overall it was pretty good
As has been said, loved the lyrics man, very well written and very well done. I also enjoyed your vocals, overall as a song very enjoyable listen. I second that an acoustic would fit this song nicely, but ive been feeling that way about most music i listen to lately haha. very well done.
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Very clever. Interesting musical progression. As has already been said, an acoustic guitar would work well here. So would more production, like a nice little lead line between the stories. But of what is actually recorded, I thought you did well. Good use of rhyme scheme to make sure everything fits!
Thanks for the crit

I like the style of it, but I agree with the others that it would sound better on an acoustic. I also think sometimes the guitar and vocals seem to overlap each other near the start of the verses. Lyrics are good, and I like the sound effects Overall I like it, good stuff
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Lyrics are well-written, song overall is pretty interesting, but the vocals feel off-time for the majority of it.
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I think you should work on the melody, it kinda drags on after a while.
An acoustic guitar would make a better fit for the song and I would add some lead lines too along with some kind of percussion.
You've got a great, distinctive voice.

Your lyrics are intelligent and filled with worldly experience, but I feel that a lot of your rhymes sounded forced. My opinion on writing lyrics is that it is more important that the words flow well with the rhythm of the song. Rhyming is secondary to that.

It's been mentioned before. The main melody is repetitive, but I loved the chorus with the overdubbing and everything. The only issue I had with it was the word "eclectic" which I felt sounded out of place. Maybe find a similar word with fewer syllables?

I hope this helps

Vocals are good, I like your voice. Lyrics are okay too.

Rhytm tone is fine, I prefer electic clean tone to acoustic in most cases.

The vocals and rhytm during the chorus don't really seem to fit, I think you should have changed the rhytm part to suit the vocals. I didn't really like the overdub @chorus... it oculd have been done more subtle. Otherwise - great job.
Kombat Gear:

          Thanks for crit..

          Like your voice, Nice guitar riff. I think it would sound nicer if the guitar had less effects on it. The overdub part sounds nice, but it needs to be done a little less... make it a bit more subtle and not so in your face and it would sound amazing..
          thanks for your crit on mine.
          First of all, i like how you tell a story in the song. the composition is good and the chorus is catchy.
          still i find that the plucked guitar chords could have been played more cleanly in quite a few places. you could very obviously hear the chord changes, which is okay in my opinion when strumming.but when breaking up the chords into single notes the delivery should be very fluent.
          also the timing of the vocals sounded a little awkward in the beginning.

          i hope this helps you
          Hey man, thanks for the crit. Took me a while to return the favor, but my internship is taking more time than I would like.

          I love your voice dude, it totally fits the song. Do you tell stories while playing the guitar during camping? Because man, with this voice, every story would suck me in.

          I like this song, the structure is pretty simple, but the atmposphere and lyrics and the most important here. A really solid piece man
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