The intro is nice, the intro solo is very good as well. Your guitar parts are very clean. Same with your vocals. Nice lyrics as well. Your song has a nice flow to it. Your tone is great. Usually self recorded songs, including mine, have a bit of an empty feel for the vocals, but yours sound good. Nice solo work in this one too mate. Great piece!

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1468522
I like it. You have a nice voice. I might boost the music a bit or reduce the vocal a bit. The vocal stands out a little too much. Nicely done.
thanks for the reply. Yeah I seem to have that issue a lot. What's weird is I have monitor headphones, but they run through a pod so I don't know if that changes it much (it shouldn't at all since it's just for playback). Then when I listen to it on my comp the vocals seem even lower, but when I go to work and listen to it there, they are super loud lol. So /shrug.
sounds pretty good, vocals are rlly good, great voice, guitars sound great the mix is rlly rlly nice, overall rlly good, my only crit is tht its kinda boring, needs dynamics or something to make is cattch my ear ore (drums, more guitar, ect)