Tremolo picking is a music effect, not a technique. What you actually mean by "tremolo picking" here is spazzing out and flailing at the frets while hoping that your hands will somehow end up working together. They won't.

No, it is not worth it. At all.
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What do you mean by tremolo picking? Yes, you should sit hours, days and months with the metronome.
Woah that kid is amazing. 12 years old and he can shred like hell.

To answer your question - no don't trem pick it. There should be one pick stroke per fretted note, otherwise you'll just have a whole bunch of slop.
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your a fag, listen to real music like green day, you moron
lol Try spazzing that lick cleanly :P

Nope, that is a tricky song that will require years of accurate alternate picking practice. Tremolo picking with just sound super dooper sloppy.
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