Ok so I'm a musician and I posted an ad on Craigslist promoting my music. A few weeks later I receive and email from a guy that goes like this:


In regard to your services needed, I have just been transferred and graced with the post of an Assistant Manager in Susan Wood Craft branched in the Florida, United States . I live in the United kingdom with my wife and kids but suddenly a change came up and i have to relocate to Florida . As regard to my new appointment, I have a scheduled a conference meeting to hold on the 15th of August 2011 so i can meet with my new works and also have a good interaction before resuming into Office,therefore i would need the service of an event planner to grace the occasion in a Unique and outstanding venue.
I would have preferred to hold the meeting in the office conference room but unfortunately our building is still construction and wouldn't be-feat my plans .
However, i would like to know your event plans and your bills for such a gathering .
Please note that your best services are required because this would be my first meeting in the new Administration .

I then go and reply with:

Hello Sir

Is the event going to take place in Florida? I live in Maryland so I would have to take a trip down to Florida if I were to perform for your event. If you still would like me to come and perform, I would appreciate it if trip costs (hotel, plane ticket) were part of payment.

What do you think of this?

He says:

Thanks for your swift response, Referring to my previous mail i am in the United Kingdom presently but my company's agent would foot your flight and hotel bills so you don't have to bother. I would like to know your traveling charges in exemption of your flight and hotel bills .
Please send me a reasonable quotation so i can work on it before time laps .

If you have any further questions please include in your reverted mail

This seems pretty sketchy eh? What do you guys think?
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your flight is going to be a heavy bird and your hotel will be his greenhouse.
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You're gonna get raped.

But don't worry his company will pay for that too
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I say, if he'll pay for the trip, go. And if it turns out to be just him and you in a dark conference room, leave. Maybe conceal a weapon/spray.
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it's a scam.

when i was 18, i was an english teacher for foreigners. i got a similar reply to this. yes, via craigslist.

when i was 20 (last year), i was a music teacher. i got a similar reply to this. yes, via craigslist.

don't do it man.
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only use craigslist if it's local, where you can meet someone face to face.
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He's gonna do some weird stuff to you... freaky stuff... butt stuff.
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I bet he makes you pay for stuff yourself, then pays you with a money order or bank draft for more than you need, then asks you to refund him the difference by Western Union. His payment is, of course, bogus, and you are on the hook for all of it. His convoluted sentence structure is the first tip-off. the lack of a website reference or phone number is the second tip-off.
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Honestly, if it was a legitimate offer from a business professional, I believe the spelling/grammar would be much more precise. You probably shouldn't get mixed up with this person.

or maybe you should go on purpose and befeat his plans.
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Sounds like a one way ticket to uncle touchy's naked puzzle basement

MMMMMMMMMMMM Most definately this.
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1.He spelt lapse wrong and used it in the wrong context.

2. Gave you far too much information, and unless your life is a movie and these bits of information that seems superfluous at the time further the plot in a positive manner, then you are in face... gonna get raped.

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If there was a picture on OPs profile it would be photoshopped with the arms of a bear. Unfortunately not.
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I once did a craigslist ad and got like 8 emails identical to yours. Total scam.

Edit: Mine wasn't the exact same. But still; Don't deal with people claiming to be outside of the country. Ever.
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Scam scam scam. Anything requiring an "explanation" on Craigslist is a scam, bar none.

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OR. Go to said meeting and rape HIM!

Yeah! That'll show the scammers!
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