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Hi everyone, I just made the biggest mistake a few days ago,
I'm in a band, kind of a youth group thing I'm the Lead Guitarist, and my Rythym guitarist does vocals, however she's kind of uncomfortable doing Metallica's Sad but True (From the Black Album) so I just said whatever, I'll do it, but then I remembered on the way home "Dude, you've never sung before in your life and your doing it infront of 300 people who paid $5 each to see some Folk and Surf Acoustic bands that there Daughter's are singing John Mayer in".
Not Metallica and some Doom and Nu Metal. Hmm.
I'd have no trouble if I was doing some screaming and growling to some Bullet for my Valentine or Trivium, however, I have to get that raspy Hettfeild voice.
My final practice is in a week and the concerts in a Fortnight.
I don't nessacarily want to sound like Hettfeild, maybye like Chuck Billy or something, I haven't exactly found my "voice" yet, It has to be right for the song as well, I can't go out there singing like Jack Vigen or Chester Bennington.

And I won't have too much pratice time since I feel like a dick singing around the house with people home

My biggest fear is forgetting the lyrics on stage, I guess if i tape it to the mic stand I'll be fine but I can't be reading that while I sing because that won't look cool.
Basically I'm looking for some advice for going through with this, any vocal warmups or something or how to sing this, or should I be just be screaming into the mic like a scene kid who's pissed off because his Jeans are too tight?

I think I can do it because one morning I got up and covered Shogun by Trivium (10 minutes long btw) probally sounded terrible but I felt fine singing and yelling loudly with no one home and I kept it all in time and didnt forget the lyrics, mainly because they meant so much to me but with Sad but True the lyrics are laughable and I'll just forget them..
Infront of 300 people may be different.

And no, I',m not backing down from this LOL.

Thanks for your help guise.
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if you cant sing at home infront of family or roommates this might be a challenge. my band played a few shows where no one could sing in the register as the black keys so i said i would do it, it turns out though that people dont care about singing as much as they do good musicianship. If people there are really upset about the singing they probably arent worth impressing anyway. Also singing metallica isnt bad, you could be trying to do something hard like alter bridge or maybe protest the hero or something. you'll probably do fine.

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It's all about performance, if you can make it look good and like you know completely what you're doing that will help a lot. If you have to tape the lyrics to the mic stand or something its whatever just don't be too reliant on it and don't have your nose buried in it. just a few glances are all it takes to read a few lines. If you mess up for the love of god do not stop. My friend played in front of my school a couple times and is a god damn good guitarist but doesn't perform completely well under pressure. He completely stopped and said "Whoops I messed up." or some variation.

So don't do that :p
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I'm deciding to back down because I can sing fine, but when it comes to playing Lead guitar and singing at the same time, my I mess up both my leads and my vocals.
The timing's so different, especially in the chorus I mess up so bad.

I'll be safer finding another singer.

Thanks anyway for your advice guys.
Quote by iceh88
it turns out though that people dont care about singing as much as they do good musicianship.

I think the opposite is true.

Most people don't recognize good musicianship. Kurt Cobain is a guitar hero. Enough said.

What people DO know, generally, though, is whether or not the singer sounds good. As a general rule, you can have a killer band and a sh!tty singer, and people will go away saying the band was crappy. OTOH, you can have a sh!tty band with a great singer, and people will go away saying "Hey, they were really good!"

Bands are often judged by the singer.

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That is truer than most people would admit. I know a band with great songs, but the singing kills it every time. The band I want to sing for, coincidentally.
drink and if you forget lyrics just do a hetfield.. yeeeaaaahhhh!

but seriously I'd suggest watching some of their live videos and "mimick" the voice.