Recently purchased "Guitar Aerobics" by Troy Nelson.....It's a great book, and my chops are becoming a lot better..

Anybody else have feedback on this book?
I got it, thinking it would really help. It helped while I used it, but I couldn't stick to it. Not the books fault. I've still progressed pretty well since then anyway
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Hi, I started to use it a couple of months ago. Most of the daily exercises are ok. You can still get more of it if you go a little bit further. For example when you practice scales the book usually uses only one pentatonic scale shape, you can play the same on the other shapes. You can also move the licks to othe psotions in the neck.
I found some of the "suggested" tempos make no sense (they are way too fast to play)

I'm actually using it to take ideas as I'm a self taught player. I wouldn't use it as my main book though


I don't use it as my main book, just to keep the fingers fresh! I own way too many other books. I've been digging into this one lately.
I know this is an old thread and some of you guys don't like ppl posting on them, but it was this or making a new thread about the same item. As some of you know i am starting again after a long spell away from guitar and have heard and seen one or 2 things about Guitar Aerobics. It says from beginner to advanced but some say it should be intermediate to advanced. Being a beginner is it a book i should try.
Thanks in advance


Not only do we not like people posting in old threads - it's strictly against the rules.

And yes, we would prefer a new thread instead of necroing an old one, even if you stay on topic.
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