Im posting this on here for a friend:

Sale price is 2150 shipped.

This is a 1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom. She is Black with Gold hardware. She is currently loaded with EMG 85/81(the X's in the pics are gone). She has been refretted with Jumbo frets. The original hardware replaced with a fine tuning tail piece, Tone Pros bridge with graph-tec saddles, Grover locking machine heads. All the original Gold hardware can be reinstalled if desired. Oh and the original Chainsaw case is included.

Sorry but he does not have the original electronics, but if you would prefer passives a set of Seymour Duncan 59s can be installed.

like i said.....hes looking for $2150 or a possible trade or trade. heres his trade list:

High end PRS Custom or any Unique Jacksons or Custom Shops. San Dimas stuff and so on.. Keep value close or you can add cash. He can also add cash for the right trade.