Our band is called Lethal By Default. We have been around for 7 years now, and take our music very serious with a career in mind, and it is beginning to blossom.

We currently have a full line up, but our current lead guitarist is going to be going to college next year(he said he's going regardless of where the band is at). We range in age from 18(guitarist leaving) to 21. So we would like somebody in that age range.

Also, we are very busy, and require a guitarist who is available every saturday. Saturday's are like our official work day. It's either practice, or we have a show.

This October we will be going to Chicago second record, it will be our first full length.

You can check us out at our website, www.lethalbydefault.com to see what you think. Don't mind the quality of the tracks, our first EPs quality was kind of shitty, so we threw together a live album, which is why we are shelling out the money to record in a legit studio this October.

Anyway, I digress.

We practice in Woodhull, IL. It's just north of Galesburg, IL and sound of The Quad Cities. Like I said, we need somebody who is able to be around every saturday.

if i was closer to illinois i would be all over it but sadly im in iowa.

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I'm christian shanna, a 19 year old. i play lead, my main style is metal, like old metallica, and avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine and some parkway drive, as i lay dying, been playing for 7 years actually, i think im pretty accomplished, but i do not sweep. i wasn't born into wealth so my gear is by no means top of the line. i have an acoustic washburn, and two electric strat replicas. i do with what i have, my amp is not good enough to be a practice amp, usually bands have amplification gear for me to use. i live in joliet, im not sure how far that is from you guys though. i'll tell you some of the solos i can readily play - all of the "one" solos. both master of puppets solos, nothing else matters, the unforgiven, a few avenged sevenfold ones, and i can readily learn tabs if you're lead guitar guy has any to leave behind.
Right on. Yeah. Joliet is a little far. It's about a two and a half hour drive from where we live. We will actually be recording close to Joliet though. It's in a town called New Lenux(we just say Chicago, because most people don't know the suburbs haha).

We don't provide any equipment yet. I run a Mesa Road King II, and our current guitarist runs a Marshall JCM 800, which is a decent amp, but doesn't quite meet what we would like. We are one of the loudest metal bands in the region, something we are kind of proud of hahaha.
damn, im right on the border of joliet/new lenox, but transportation and gear is a no go for me cause i just quit my job and do not have any money coming in, that sucks. hahaha i feel i could have been a nice fit
Sounds cool but, I live in the northwest area of Chicago.
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