Around the beginning of the year I got an Artwood AW300 and, being both cheap and dumb did not get it set up like I should have.

Long story short I replaced the (very heavy) strings with some normal elixirs and after taking a calibrated ruler to the 12th fret found out my action was set at over 6/32nds of an inch. My saddle isn't ridiculously tall and I'm pretty high at the first fret as well so out come the allen wrenches. 1/8th of a turn practically flew past with so little resistance I could've turned the nut with my finger, and for what I'm pretty sure was at least a whole turn if not more went smoothly and with no resistance. Turning in either direction didn't have any measurable results after hours.

Over the last 48 hours of giving it a twist and letting it settle for a while it started showing some resistance to tightening and now when I let it rest after a short twist in either direction I get measurable results. Getting just to the point where I actually feel like I'm genuinely tightening something I've gone from 6/32nds to 4/32ds of an inch. Everything I've found suggests that for "normal" playing I should be going for about 3/32nds of an inch ideally, although I'm starting to get uncomfortable tightening it further the way it feels. I lubed up the nut with some GT85 (like gentler wd40 and it leaves a teflon film) to see if it was genuine resistance or not and I think at this point I should let it sit another day easily.

What really gets me is just how loose that nut was to begin with and how far I turned it before anything at all happened. Is it possible that either the pawnshop or previous owner had basically loosened the truss rod completely and that combined with having really heavy strings could have bowed my neck to raise the action that high?
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first off, you don't adjust action with a truss rod - that's not what it's for. it's there to adjust neck relief only. if your action was quite high, it's not impossible that your truss rod simply won't go that far, period. if you did get it to go that far, the action would be too high in the middle of the neck and lower at the top and bottom. if you turn it past where it goes, you could very well break it loose.

and these are how you adjust the action:



and here is all about truss rods
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Already read all three of those and considered that exact possibility, that's why I was asking specifically about the effects of a truss rod that's about as loose as it will go without falling off.

I can see how I should've been more clear in the OP though: Since my saddle is really short (3/32nds at the highest spot) I checked the relief's action height the way Frets.com shows and my action both open and when testing the neck's bow were way off the frets, when I had the string pressed down at both ends it was almost as high as the strings should be just by default.

In solving one issue I moved a fair bit towards solving the other, enough that I was surprised at just how much it changed and came here to ask if that would be the effects of a truss rod loosened until it was basically doing nothing (or working in the wrong direction).
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