I'm highly considering a LP Studio Silverburst. Reading various posts it looks like most people like the Studio, and find it a much better value to a Standard. How are the pickups on the Studio's and how do they compare to say the 57 classic pickups? I play mostly GNR, Tool, some Metallica, Def Leppard, etc. Opinions?
i prefer the 498/490 set in studios over EMGs and Im a pretty big fan of EMGs.

I once A/B'd the silver burst studio to an ESP eclipse,

i said that the studio sounded better, even before the coil tapping, and was pretty comfy, but high fret acess was poor,and it didnt look amazing (inlays were like piss yellow, looks odd without binding) and its cheaper thn the eclipse by a few hundred. also really liked the 60s neck on it

the eclipse on the other hand was all around a bit more comfortable, the neck was ok, felt a bit too narrow for me ( read narrow, not thin) and high fret acess was marginally better, the body was also thinner and a bit lighter.

hope that helps