Hello, guys

I've just purchased my first ever tube head! I got a Laney AOR pro tube 50 for $370.00 ($440.50 with shipping). Was that a good deal?

Anyways, I had my eyes set on a Bugera 2x12 Guitar cab for $200.00. But, I was wondering if maybe there is a better cabinet for equal or even less the price. I won't pay anymore than $200.00. Do you guys know of any cabs that could be an option? I play really bassy and fuzz riddled music from bands such as Electric Wizard, Sleep, High on Fire, Kyuss, UFOmammut, Black Sabbath, Bongzilla and Melvins. So If you could, please give recommendations that accommodate my playing style I'd appreciate it.

Another question(s) is, do some cabs sound bad or worse than others? or is there companys you should avoid and companys you should strive to get? Aren't they just speakers? All answers welcome

Thanks in advance
look used. i picked up an avatar 4x12" with a mix of V30s and EVH sig speakers for $200. i picked up a peavey 4x12" with MIE K85's, i traded a line 6 cab with stock speakers that i got on a previous trade (stay away from line 6on cabs) for a kustom cab that had all MIE t75's straight up. i got a mesa 4x12" with V30's in it for $350.

my point isn't to brag, but to show you what you can find if you wait and buy used. 2x12's are a little harder to come by than 4x12"s, but i would stay away from that bugera. i haven't heard anything good about their speakers. \

you could look into jet city if you are still wanting new.
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You should pay a little more then $200 dude. Please. Check out Avatar cabinets, I found a beat up 4x12 with Celestion speakers for $100. Win. You might be able to find an Orange 2x12 for that price as well.
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I don't mind used at all, I just bought a damn 80's-90's head haha. I'm sure its been around. But I'll keep looking on ebay for a cabinet. I've never heard of Avatar before...
I got my marshall 1960B cab for $65 used, it's always best to look used
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Avatar and Marshall make the best cabs on a low budget. You might be able to find a 2x12 from either of them in your budget.

I would not get a Bugera, Behringer, Marshall MG/AVT, or any of those types of cheap cabs.
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