Hey guys, I own a standard alpine white Made in Mexico strat and I'm looking at changing out the pickguard. I'm looking for something unique, and I need you people's advice on picking a pickguard. The fretboard is maple, just so you know. I'd really appreciate your posts, maybe post some pics of your own ones? And if you got them off the web, maybe a website I could visit?

Tortoiseshell (got one on my black strat) is always good, but if my strat was white Id probably just leave the gaurd white/cream.
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How about a black pearl-style one? I'm just spitballing but that could look alright. Maybe.

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Alpine white with tortoise shell pickguard is one of my favorite combinations. I also think that a rising sun would look cool.
+1 to a tortoise, but go with a very red one instead of a brown.

or go with matte black. The simple black on white stands out and looks great.