Okay, so basically, I'm gonna buy an ESP LTD V-50 guitar soon, and unfortunately, it doesn't come with a case. I was gonna buy a "Musician's Gear Deluxe Electric Guitar Case" to come with it and use that for a case, but after reading that it fits Strats and similar shaped guitar, I'm kinda worried that the case wouldn't work for the guitar. :/

I was wondering if anybody knows anything about that, or other cheap cases (preferably hardshell) that would work.
He's right, if you play anything other than a strat, les paul, or SG, you basically get ****ed on all cases. Standard cases for those that are any good are like...$50-80. Good cases for like, Explorers, V's, or other extreme shapes are in the $130+ area.
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So, the case wouldn't work for it and I'm screwed on getting a case?

Actually, that one case you put the link up for isn't that much more than the one i was gonna get, so I'm gonna get that. I thank you for saving me from buying a useless case XD
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Well, check the measurements first. I guess Musicians Gear cases tend not to fit well on most guitars.
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