hi am a new guitar player and am just wondering if anyone can help me with a small problem i have

i have the choice of getting either the cort x6 or the yamaha rgx220 and i can't make up my mind on which one to choose and since i don't have much experience in guitars i would hope that someone can help me now what r the difference between those guitars

thanks all
I owned the Cort X-6 as my first electric guitar and it was a piece of ...., My advice to beginners is to not buy a guitar with a floating tremolo system. It requires more maintenance then a fixed bridge guitar. A floating trem needs an equal amount of spring tension to string tension to set the tremolo level. This is a tricky thing to accomplish. So i would advice you to not buy any of these two. The things i hated most about the X-6:
1) Poor quality hardware (soft metal used for the trem and saddle blocks)
2) Pickups were very, very average the guitar always sounded muffeld
3) Soft body and fingerboard wood, the fingerboard edges started to chip.
4) Useless coil tap option, it only reduced the output.

The yamaha is made of alder which is a harder and brighter wood. so that is a plus, the tremolo is a knock - off aswell, so there is no quality difference in that.

As for the pickups i wouldn't know but a friend had this yamaha stratocaster which sounded decent.

If you got anymore questions send me an PM.
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Go on the Yamaha, they make good beginner instruments. My first guitar was a Yamaha ERG 121C and it didn't give me any sort of problems. The only con that I can think of is the floating trem but it isn't a bid deal if you're a beginner