Well, I'm looking for a case like this that I can put multipule guitars in..and i have some questions.

Is this safe to travel with guitars in a case like this? And where can I find one for sale at?
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i dont think they travel like that. the guitars probably travel in their individual cases. but then they are set up in these cases for easy access during the concert. if you tried to travel with them like that they would bang up against eachother and fall out and they would all look terrible afterwards
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Looks about six feet long....probably weighs at least 500 pounds. As stated earlier, probably needs an Tk. Tr. rig to haul it. Looks cool, but is really only usable by a real big band on a tour.
I did stage setup for a Rush show a few years back, and they had one like that. It was 6 guitars a side, one side was for Lifeson's guitars and the other for Lee's basses.

They do indeed travel like that, each one gets strapped in individually and the bottom is very tight on the guitars so they do not move at all. One of the roadies said it was custom built for them, I don't think anyone makes one that size, so I am guessing you either have to have one built or build it yourself.
You'd probably have to have it made to order. Calzone and SKB might be your best bets.

Imagine having to hoist that thing onto the gear truck if the lift broke?
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