My friend has given me his guitar to fix as a project for me, and so it's cheap for him.

He has a Yamaha Pacifica that's all black, old and beat to hell. It's a HSH configuration, and has the 5 way selector and just 1 volume and 1 tone pot.

So far, I've fixed 2 of the pickups and replaced the other, and fixed his pots and rewired the whole thing, and he's been really happy with what I've done so far, and asked me to fix the bridge.

the problem is, the bridge is actually rusted out, 2 of the saddles are totally shot and I can't adjust the action on them or intonate...

Basically the bridge needs replacing, but I am not informed enough on what replacement I should get because I am worried I'll buy the wrong one and would end up needing to drill holes etc, which I really don't want to do...

He plays metal with this guitar and downtunes to C standard so the bridge will also need some new springs to adjust for this.

He doesn't want to spend a lot of money (less than £50) so does anyone have any ideas on what bridges fit this guitar?

Many thanks!
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From the small town I'm from our small music store has replacement parts. Most SHOULD have some. if you bring the guitar and compare bridges so all you have to do is get screws (or it should come with it) and screw it in. I belive they cost under $50 (£25)
PS I woke up so my curency exchange isn't the best so just go around to your local music store and price some fail safe parts.
was wondering if anyone knew what the dimensions were so I could just order a replacement online, my local store is still quite a trek away, it would save me the journey! lol