I have tried to help people numerously who say they need a tab or chords for a particular song... Only to see that after I do the song that they neither even say Thank You or most of the times they don't even come back here to see if anyone responded to their request.

The person usually even says " I am desperately trying to get the chords/tab to this song and I would truely appreciate anyone who could help me out."

Then after going to You Tube or some other place to find the song and then get the lyrics etc and taking the time to tab it .....NOTHING !!!!

For every 10 people I help I am lucky to get 1 or 2 who will actually read the tab and or say Thank You for helping...

I go to my private messages in my profile section and there is a part that actually will show if a person read your Private Message or not and when I go there to check sure enough the person never came back to even see if someone responded to their request.....

People who ask for a request.....Make sure that if you ask for a particular song that you at least have the courtesy to come back periodically and see if someone did the song or left a message to you in regards to the song.... Sometimes I will ask the person if they only need the chords and can figure it out from there as that takes less time to do or do they need the entire song with words and chords, etc. above the appropriate words, etc....

A lot of the song requests are songs that are hardly chart busters and more then likely a song that no one but the person requesting it likes... So if someone (not only me but others) takes the time to do the request then the least thing the requester can do is to say Thank You or acknowledge that you at least came back to get the reqest.

Like I stated I try to help people asking for requests but it is frustrating to take the time to do one and then it goes for nought.....

I remember asking for a song a long time ago and no one even bothered with it, i always came back to check up on it though but i'd always give credit and a thank you, its just simple manners and the least you can do.
just signed in to see if someone replied to my post weeks ago... but nothing. the fun thing is that i've found the tabs/chords here on UG but i cant get the rest to play (only the intro). i'd really appreciate if someone could help me to find out which strings (in which order) i've to play.

im sorry if my english isn't that good. but maybe someone can take a look into this?

ive checked every hour, then daily, and now only once a week. and than i saw this post. i'd really appreciate it and even make an gp5 file or something, post it in here and when it's ready even the video on you tube (+ ive translated it to a different language). but i really cant get this tabs/chords to sound right =(

so just in case that you have the time to look into this (i think its not difficult for someone experienced, but im just a beginner) i'd really get you a "full appreciate program"

Yeah, It happens to me... I recently tabbed Dirty Dreams by Alice Cooper for someone, its probably on the 2nd page or something... I did it within a few hours of them posting the thread and I got no response from them... so i just uploaded it to UG...

Very frustrating! But nothing you can do!
Fair call, there are too many inconsiderate people on the net but what can you do... :\ > Off topic, could someone, anyone do me a massive favour and attempt to tab out john butlers 'There'll come a time' It's not online (as far as i can tell) cheers
It is way too easy for people to view the Internet, including the people on it, as a simple tool to get what need. Therefore, people often forget (or just ignore) that it works just as in "real life", and then a simple "thank you" is much to ask for. Or at least that's my guess

When I tab, I of course want people to see it and appreciate it, but I also view it as a challenge to test my abilities and see myself evolving.

.. Just kidding! Please check out and rate my tabs!
I'm actually looking for where i'd ask for tabs to be created, i'm new to this site. I'd really appreciate it if someone would tab "Sexy Santa" by Steel Panther. I lack the ability to play from ear myself at the moment and i'd really like this song any help on how i can get this?
Maybe your tab was wrong?
I see a tonne of tabs on this site that are 40% or more wrong when you play them back, i can tell some tab makers will find the root of a chord and just play it in its simplest form (major or minor) not even bothering to check what else is in the chord or what ISNT in the chord. Same with licks, half the time bends of small slides that make the lick sound distinctively good, arent even in there or are in there as hammer ons, or are changed dramatically to what the person can play.

So basically im getting at, make it a 5 star tab or no tab at all.

But to all those guys makin great tabs, i feel for you. Keep going though, the community is the heart of this TAB site

Thanks for whoever put up john mayer tabs, they are SWEET.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
I'm afraid we are in a time where lots of people want something for nothing. Most can get music, movies, software, etc for free by downloading, so when they get a free tab...pretty sure they are about as appreciative.

I am always appreciate of someone doing something for me that I cannot. However, I have posted looking for a tab (Anthrax "Bordello of Blood") with 54 views and no replies.

Just my 2 cents. Either way, this seems to be a great site with lots of great info.! I wouldn't be playing music without tabs.
Though I have never requested a song I appreciate the time you all have put into it. So from here, I sincerely thank you.