Another thread popped up using that term.
I've been wondering for years about having/finding/using some sort of PDA/screen unit that would display lyrics AND chord notation...sorta like a Karaoke for guitarists or a digital "fake" book
Scrolling thru lyrics should be a ton easier that following charts and turning pages.

Just wondered if any have run across this or know of software/hardware combinations that would do it? App for I-phone? Kindle down-load of the guitar greats?

Needs be, I suppose I could convince my 'puter guru to to come up with a twitch for an MS program that would emulate what I want! I have heard of transcription software, charting programs and lyric writing formats available. Why not put it all together? Wanna play a new number? Just download and display! :biggrin:
I was actually writing app like that for linux, but got too lazy to finish it >< I think it was in more or less working state.
You can also always just save the lyrics w/ chords in a text file and use some e-book reader on your cell phone/pda.

edit: there's also UG Tabs app and I also have app for android that can read guitar pro files, but i can't remember how it's called
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Take a look at this one for Android tablets only: www.zing-zoom.com/lyricmaster This has the following features for $1.99:

Scrolling lyrics
Adjustable speed
color setting for lyrics and chords
4 sets with unlimited songs
integration with Dropbox
Day and Night color modes
mp3 backing track capable
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There are things that do it, on the cheap/for iPhone etc., but it's pretty common in bigger studios to have a teleprompter in the vocal booth to help vocalists feel confident in what they're singing so they can focus on the performance better, with the advantage that it can be further from the mic and is a lot less obtrusive to the sound than having sheets of paper near the mic (or even someone standing behind the mic with the lyrics on large 'flash cards' like in the good ol' days ).

If you're on a budget, I imagine you could probably find a way to put the lyrics in sections in a powerpoint/keynote presentation and have the slides change at a set speed that is close enough to what you need in the song?
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