Hey all, so rather quickly after I began learning guitar years ago I purchased a digitech rp350 because I wanted teh br00tz and effects out of my 30W fender solidstate amp but was much too overwhelmed, uneducated, and broke to purchase a whole plethora of pedals or a better amp. The rp350 was the perfect solution and it served me well for a very long time. Skipping forward to now, I've purchased myself a Peavey 6505+ so now I get all the tone and br00tz I could ever want out of that. My band has just begun to move forward into doing some shows so now ofcourse I'm looking at my gear and tone very seriously. We play hard/alternative rock (Chevelle, Tool, A perfect circle, 10 years etc.). I'm actually fairly happy with the sound I get from my gear (Epi Les Paul, the rp350, and the 6505+) but I have heard that the rp350 really sucks tone and because I've never used any other pedals I'm curious if it is hurting me. Because I'm now very happy with my amp I only use the RP350 for its effects, its wah pedal, the tuner feature, and as a volume pedal. I entirely disable the amp simulations, EQs, noise gates, everything except the volume control, tuner, and the effects/wah pedal when I activate them. So my questions are:

With amp simulation cast aside, does the RP350 compete with other pedals in terms of its effects (volume, wah, tuner, delay, phaser, flanger etc.)?

Is it sucking my tone to death even though it is only used for those features?

Since I do use the effects it provides would the tone improvement I gain from removing the RP350 be worth the hundreds of dollars I'd have to spend on a bunch of replacement pedals?

Thanks so much for any help.
As long as the rp goes in the fx loop of the amp, your tone will be fine. I think the effects on the rp355 are great and they are almost as good as the real stompboxes.(I have the rp355 and it rocks )
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