Alright so I was gonna buy a 6505+ but that sold to somebody else

I'm looking for an amp that does black/death/thrash metal well. It doesn't have to be a halfstack could be a combo for all I care as long as it shreds!


Heres my local kijiji if anyone wants to take a look through.

I was looking at a peavey 5150 combo for 500$ seemed like a good deal but I dunno, I've heard that XXX's are better for what I'm going for. Only problem with this is that they are out of my price range.

Theres some good prices on marshall jcm 2000's which one of my favorite bands use(skeletonwitch)
Was also looking at a mesa boogie single rectifier and a nice little ENGL thunder, again a little out of my price range though....

I would like to add http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anZkiNzSmVc This is THE band for me and I would love to have that tone if anyone knows what kind of amps they are using
WHat would you guys go for based on my wants/needs?
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There's three Peavey XXX heads on ebay for around $550-$700 plus around $80 for shipping to Canada.
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