Hello everyone,
in a weeks time i'm getting my new iMac and i wanna make sure how exactly to record electric guitar the best way possible at home.

i've got a boss GT-8 whice i'm planing on using for recording some of the time.
my quistion are -

1. which USB/Firewire recording interface (like M-audio mobilepre) should i buy that will enable me connecting two PL cable (left and right) from the GT-8 in order to record stereo sound and use the abilty of the Gt-8 to set two channels with different amps and settings together (such as one clean amp with some reverb and the other with overdrive... gives u alot of unique sounds).

2. will i be able to record the sound that i set with my GT-8 in garageband without using the software's amp simulation? and how should it be done? because when u choose a guitar track it wants u to set setting for an amp simulator and pedals....

i will also use a mic to record my wonderful Peavey Classic 30 tube amp but that's hardly an issue.

I Hope to get an answer quickly so i can start setting the studio before the mac arrives! thanks!
Doesn't the GT8 have a USB out on it? If so, then that is all you will need. Plug it in, set it as your input for the track and that's it.
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