I own a Ibanez SZ720, and am looking to replace the Gilbralter III bridge since its been a tad rusty since I bought it last year at GC. Any suggestions on a quality bridge to install?
SZ720? The S series with the trippy trem?

You'll have to remove any finish that it has, fill the cavities with wood/wood glue/bondo, sand them smooth with the rest of the body, drill new holes for the bridge, and then paint it back up.

Now if you want another trem, I'm not sure of anything that would fit that. Get some measurements then head off to some websites.


Google helps quite a lot

Is that true to the S series body? Like, just as thin? Or is it just a model of Ibanez I've never seen before?

But to answer your question, tonepros or graphtech has some nice bridges in the TOM style.

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The body is definitely thicker than the "normal" S series, its even sculpted so the middle of the body is thicker than the rest. They discontinued this model many moons ago. Everyone always thinks I'm talking about the normal S series haha. But thanks, I'll check those brands out.