I'm looking to buy a 2x12 extension Cabinet from Tech 21 to run a stereo rig with my own pre-amp, the Avid Eleven Rack.
I know a more ideal stereo situation would be 2 separate amps but i'd rather have one really loud one that does almost the same thing. Plus it's one unit easier to deal with and if the answer to my question is yes, i could mic both speakers and run them stereo through a house PA system. Or i could even run direct through a house speaker system which more often than not will be the case so I'm asking this so I can save money and not buy 2 amps.

My question is, does a 2x12 Tech 21 cabinet or even most 2x12 cabinets run their 2 speakers in stereo?

Thank you for your help I really appreciate it!
Most speaker cabs in general aren't run in stereo.
If you want to run a stereo rig look for stereo cabinets. But I'm not sure how well they work with a single amp, or if they work at all. I know Diezel makes an amp with stereo out, but I'm not sure about running the Eleven Rack like that.
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No, most 2x12s are not wired for stereo... However, provided that impedances would be matched properly, it would be beyond easy to wire it up for stereo.

You seem to be omitting a power amp from your plans though.
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See the Tech 21 2x12 is a powered cab that is completely passive for any preamp. that's why i was wondering if it was stereo since its already crystal clear for processors like digitech and line 6 pods and all that fun stuff, that they would make it stereo too but i can't find that info on their website.
but a power amp is not necessary
It sounds like what you need for this kind of stereo setup would be a stereo/dual-monobloc poweramp (most are stereo anyway) and 2 cabinets, or a cabinet wired for stereo.

If I had the eleven rack id just plug the left and right outs into left and right halves of the marshall, then out into the left and right speakers of my cab.
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well you could get an avatar 2x12 cab that can be wired for stereo, and choose your speakers and then get a 50/50 poweramp like the mesa or VHT one. the only problem, itll be pretty expensive i think and it wont be FRFR