Hey guys,
there is this contest by Rob Chappers and I wrote some djenty style thing (I'm not sure what it actually is)
I'd be glad for feedback, especially regarding the guitar sound. Don't listen for the mix too much, i turned the bass guitar quite low so you can hear the guitar better.

and ignore the talking before the video. it was 1 o'clock at night by the time i made the blabla-part.


thanks for all clicks and feedback already!
i liked the guitar sound. I think that you should work a little bit more on the song structure, and the feeling of it.
Your song sounds like Intro-Verse-Bridge. You should make a piece for a "chorus" part, more "open". I don't know how to say it. But the sound is really cool.
Yes, this was more a compilation of riffs because, well, its for a contest and i didn't have too much time (ends on the 10th). I also found the chorus part was still missing somehow.
thanks for the constructive feedback
Wrong Forum...also, its Djent so you cant really call it music
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