Hey there guys, I didnt quite know where to post this so ive just stuck it in here.
Ive uploaded an old song that i created and i would love some feedback on it, perhaps whats missing and what could be changed. I would appreciate it alot to hear how i can improve. Cheers Guys.

Heres a link so you dont have to go hunting if you want to hear it
: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/JaredHind/music/all/play1031876

Once again, Thanks guys.
While there are some niggling things in it that should be fixed (for example, it needed to be more rhythmically crisp and a little less reverb on the drums would have been advisable, too), I think you have the right basic idea. For a first upload, especially taking into account your relative lack of experience and not exactly having a bunch of studio equipment to make this sound like something the pros would put out, this was very commendable. Keep working at it. I will be interested to see what you come up with down the road.
Thanks for the feedback man, Im having trouble locating the song to make changes to it so i think i will take what you have told me into consideration the next time i record. Thanks again for the feedback though its much appreciated.
Ive had a listen to Picasso's Landscape and i really like it. The lyrics are brilliant and i love the sound of the guitar, I wish i could get my electro acoustic to sound like that. Big thumbs up, i really enjoyed listening to it. Im going to check out your other stuff now