I wonder if anyone can help me please?

I have an old JHS MKlll Fuzz Box from the 70's which has 2 brown wires disconnected. One of the wires is connected to the Input but I don't know ehere the other end should go, and the other wire is connected to the circuitboard but again, I don't know where the other end should go. I contacted JHS who were extremely helpful, although apparently no one knew the layout of the pedal. The guy I emailed sent me a wiring diagram but I cannot understand it. Link for diagram is here


I have included a few pics too which may or may not help. Does anyone have any ideas please? Thank you in advance.
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I can't tell shit from those pictures.

I think this "JHS" pedal may be made by a different company than the one that currently goes by JHS. The currently known JHS hasn't been around that long.
Yes, I know they're not very clear, I don't have a camera so I took them using my phone, sorry....... reply was this :-
'The input jack only has two connections, ground and signal. The ground wire, nearest the metal case will go to the battery negative land on the PCB. The signal wire, connected to the tip of the jack plug, goes to the capacitor feeding the base of the transistor.
It should be fairly simple for you to find where the wire should go to'.
I think the company is actually JSH and the word JEN is stamped on the circuitboard, if that helps?
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well i allready knew that, does that help you?

though its not 100% the wires are probably colour coded, which lug is the brown wire soldered too on the jack, the one closest to the middle of the jack is the ground.

If it is a grounding wire make sure that the ground from the PCB, input and output jack and -ve from the battery/power supply are connected together (Assuming its negative ground)

if its the outside its for the tip, (the long bit) which is the signal, so you need to find where the ins and outs are for the PCB.
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I haven't a clue! It looks like the brown wire is attached to the middle lug and there's another lug with an orange wire attached to it that goes to the footswitch via the circuitboard, and another lug on the input with a black wire connected to it at one end and the other end connected to the battery connector which I'm guessing is the positve connection?
The other brown wire is connected to one corner of the PCB soldered with another brown wire that goes to the level control but I don't know where the other brown wire should be connected - The Output has a brown wire also connected to the input but I don't know any more than that, sob! lol
What I really need is a coloured diagram, with all the wires colour coded, showing excatly where they should be connected and what they're connected to........
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It's John Hornby Skewes, the real JHS that's been around since the 60s. Not that ass hat from Kansas.
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yeah that's what i'd have thought.
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