I got this guitar totally free and i won't to take a crack at fixing it. I never really work with acoustic guitar before and I need some help to find a place where i can read up on stuff like.

Like how to build the front of the guitar
Doing a finish like that.
how to glue it back on.
Why is there cloth stuff in there.
There a few water stances on the inside will that be a problem

Also this might be a long shot but duth any one no what brand/model this guitar might be.

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Well it looks like you'll need a bridge and it looks to me like it would have a trapeze tail piece too, I really wouldn't try to refinish it or rebuild the top, just leave it like it is.
To glue it back on there you'll need lots of glue and lots of clamps, but before you do that it might be a good idea to reglue anywhere that it looks like the glue is drying out or cracking.
It might have had that cloth in there to provide some humidity and I doubt the water stains will be any major problem compared to everything else.
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that crack in the soundboard is pretty nasty. i cant tell if there are more. looks like an archtop, so is there bracing (aka little wood sticks) glued to the bottom side of the soundboard (top of guitar that has f-holes in it)?

im guessing not unless the glue failed because there should be a brace somewhere in the area of that crack. repairing a crack like that can be a tough thing, but do a google search for "repairing crack in acoustic guitar" and there are tutorials on how a professional luthier does it.
its not in the most strained part of the guitar, which is good. so you may be able to line the crack with glue and clamp it together to hold, again youll have to look up how to clamp something like that.
i have only build one soundboard, and i dont claim to know a lot about acoustics or archtops, but i have watched tutorials about repairing stuff like this because ive wanted to try. it wont be a walk in the park, but it can be done! definitely do a google search. one method is to glue the crack together, thin it out from the back, and essentially glue in a patch to hold it together that is thinned out to the original thickeness.

and yeah, youll have to get a "floating" archtop bridge and tailpiece. the bridge will just sit on the guitar, held on by the strings

also looks like youre missing a decent section of fretboard that lays on top of the soundboard. is the end of the fretboard broken where it meets the body?
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Thank for the ideas. I don't know about the soundboard if it reparable. It cracked in like 6 places and it looks so bad. But for the fretboard i plan on just replacing it. Since it broken and so bad. Is something like this even reparable
im not saying its easy, but your best bet may be replace the soundboard and fretboard completely.

building a soundboard is a lot of work, and it is complex. You have the original you can try to copy, but i cant guarantee the sound from that. soundboard building properly takes years of experience, or very detailed guidance. the one i built was under the direction of Mike Doolin, who has years and years of experience. you can buy kit soundboards i believe, that would be the easiest starting point. as for the fretboard. it wouldnt be that hard to replace really, have you ever fretted an instrument? it is time consuming, but not difficult per se.