The basic summary is that a friend and I started an electronic music project as a joke, and ended up liking the result more than we expected. Since then, although I'm not particularly into Electronic music, I've experimented with it a little bit. The newest piece is on my profile, as "Untitled (Work in Progress)". I have yet to let the other person in the project add their own modifications, so it may end up a tad different. I also hope that we may be able to add in some kind of vocal hook to it, but we have yet to come up with one. Anyways, if you want to review either of the other two on my profile, that would also be appreciated, but it's the top one that I'm hoping for.

Also, if anyone knows much about Electronic music genres, and could tell me what this falls into, that'd be nice. I've heard people refer to it as 8-bit, but I think that was just a specific part. Personally, I was kind of going for more of a House Music, Daft Punk-ish type of thing.