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Also, I didn't specify the woods or how many plies for the shells, etc. since I haven't really looked into much of that... would probably just want maple or birch for the wood, though.
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I can almost fit half of my REAL dream kit in there.
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Im a bassist but if I was to upgrade my kit this would be it.
It seems I have simple tastes compared to some of the others here :P

Love the "all cymbals" Kit up there though. Can never have enough of those.
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^^ Bass, snare and a ridiculous amount of cymbals? I like it

I'd probably keep mine relatively simple, its not much different from the kit I have now, just more cymbals and a side snare.


Edit - Thought I'd make my kit that I'll be using for gigging, less to carry around and set up = win

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I honestly don't have a dream kit because it changes all the time. It's pretty detailed and I don't think it would serve me and my actual abilities justice. I'm good enough on guitar to know exactly what I need and what will make me better and suit me, but I'm just not good enough on drums to know any of that for sure.

I'd probably have some hand-hammered cymbals like the Dream ones. I'd have a Japanese made Tama Starclassic with a beautiful 6"x13" snare made of brass. I'd have two floor toms (big ones), a single kick, a single rack tom, and whatever else one would need.

Cymbal wise I'd have a 22" ride, an 18" and 20" crash, an 18" china, a 10" splash, and some stacking cymbals. I'd also have a set of Paiste hi-hats. They have a beautiful stick to them. I haven't come across a better hi-hat maker yet.