Hi guys, I recently bought a Line 6 Floor Pod Plus, I tried it through my Line 6 Spider IV 15W amp and it sounded bad, particularly effects with high distortion, just kind of muffled. So I decided my amp probably wasnt really designed for that and I need something better.

Anyway basically, I dont know what to buy, I heard you can plug them straight into studio monitors, an amp or a guitar cabinet, but i dont really know the difference in sound, which should i buy (and any recommendations)?

I dont need anything fancy or too powerful, ill mostly be playing in my room and stuff, I just need my effects to sound good!
how did you connect your line 6 floor pod plus? I've a RP355 and also a Line 6 spider IV 15 watt amp and i connected my rp355 to my mp3 input so that your amp will not take an ampmodel and some eq changes en stuff with it. so in fact your Amp wil be your monitor.
I did had to buy an ...mm to a 3,5mm plug(don't know what size guitar plugs are) and an extension cable.
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Yeah your Line 6 amp should now only forward your signal from your floor pod plus and not use any amp models built-in in it. Like it should, because you don't wat your mp3 sound to be altered by the amp.
Should clear up a little bit at least
nah it sounds the same actually, i guess i just need a new amp or something, which has better tone, amp or studio monitors? (considering i wont be paying more than about £150)
don't know about that, but i suggest you first find the problem. Try connecting that floor pod to your computer and record something with software like mixcraft or something. If that sounds equally bad it's not your amp and maybe even your floor pod
the spider series are known to have a very very muffled sound. hence why everyone hates them.
so i would go for a nice low wattage tube amp and then probably a cab
Pod into spider was deffinately the issue.

Studio monitors are mostly designed to be clinical rather than pleasing, mostly so you can hear mistakes in mixes. I wouldnt reccomend them just for using as a guitar amp with the pod.

Prehaps you could find one of the old Atomic Reactor amps, theyre designed so you can use your MFX as the preamp.

Otherwise, a good clean little valve amp will do the trick.

Like an Epi VJ, VHT Special 6, Laney VC15, Laney Cub, Marshall Class 5 maybe one of the blackhearts or bugeras.