Hi guys. After many months waiting, I'm finally buying a new amp. I just still dunno what amp to buy. I've noticed there is a Bugera V55 combo and a head (which look exactly the same to me) but the head is cheaper. Why is that? And what do you recommend buying, a combo or a head (and a cabinet)? What's the main diference between then, what you prefer? Thanks guys.
with a head its easier to move it onto a new cab
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get a head, and buy a cab, even if its quite cheap, thats what im doing - buying a jet city jca20h head, and a harley benton cab to play it on
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With heads, if you have a gig to play, you can usually use comeones cab there.

Also, if you have a cab, you can have many different heads to use with it I suppose.

Combos are practicle due to the size of them and the fact it has a speaker always connected, but heads tend to be easier to move around as someone previously said.