I was browsing thomman.de site looking for a new amp or modeler FX when a saw the bugera 6260 212 for a ridiculous 285 eur!
Is it worth it ?
My original idea was to buy a POD HD300 with a cheap 1x12 SS amp but i just want a good high gain sound with some reverb, so no real need for a multi FX.
It is too tempting and i fear of VERY bad build quality....
It's cheaper than anything at this size and power.
What to do?

(also please don't say to "get a used 5150 or anything else" for this money the best i could buy is a Fender Frontman or Marshall MG or something like that, also saving up is not an option)
hop on it if you like the way it sounds, just beware, bugera doesnt have the best rep for durability
yeah thats a great deal
bugera doesnt have the best reputation but they have cleaned up their act in the last few years so yeah go for it
just make sure you try it out first
It is very possible the amp will spontaneously stop working.

I was jamming with a friend of mine and his all of the sudden made a loud pop and just a tiny bit of smoke came out of the back.

Returned it to Guitar Center bought a 5150II and happy since.
i haven't tried it, but i'm guessing for that kind of money you're going to struggle to get much better, as long as your fire insurance is up to date.

thomann also does the traynor ycv50b for a pretty good price, but it is a couple of hundred more than that one.

But yeah i mean bugera versus mg or frontman? no contest. even if you are on fire.
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