This is my first post on this site! Hello everyone!

I've basically been inspired to get serious about playing again after a visit to my cousins place and playing his ESP Explorer though a new Fender Mustang III amp. I'd forgotten how much more fun playing rock is plugged in. (I've been solely accoustic for ages)

I'm pretty set on getting a Les Paul style guitar with a budget of about £400. I'm looking for a pretty versitile guitar capable of a range of styles if possible, but with a definate weighting towards playing 80's/90's Metal, with a bit of Rise Against/Pennywise style punk thrown in.

There's a couple of questions I'd love to get some opinions on.

First of any suggestions for a quality guitar that would fit that mould?

I have been looking at the ESP LTD EC range as a possiblity. I'm also not sure if i'd be better with a mid range guitar like say, an ESP LTD EC-256 or EC-400 (a little out of my price range maybe) or getting an entry level model like the EC 10 or 50 to start with, then changing the pickups later on. Is the build quality drop off going outweigh installing some decent pickups?

I'm just gonna be playing in my room getting back on track with learning as many different styles and technique as possible. I'd be happy spending about £250 on a amp and I loved the Fender Mustang III with its huge range of options. But any other ideas on amp/effects set up would be brilliant.

Huge thanks for any help you guys can give me.
For a budget of about £400, Epiphone is the obvious suggestion - made by Gibson, so you know you're getting something with a good reputation.

If you wanted to save yourself a bit of money though, one of my guitars is an LP copy made by Gould (the model is GLP100). They're only about £150, but are as good as any Epiphone I've ever played.

Go here for a review by the Monkeylord Rob Chappers:

For effects, I've got a Boss ME50 multi FX unit and it does more than I need it to and it generally comes pretty well recommended in any review I've found.

If that all leaves you with enough budget to get the amp you want, go for it. I've never tried that model (I've always been a fan of Marshalls), but if you've tried it, liked it and can afford it, why not?
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a nice bugera tube amp would do you! the 6260 is just about 250, and can play alot of styles.

some guitars...

if you wanted a gibson consider the melody makers
if you look used, there will be more
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Hi, this is my first post too.

I would at least consider one of these, Vintage "Lemon Drop" designed to replicate the look and sound of the legendary Les Paul that was played by Peter Green which was subsequently used by the late great Gary Moore, (http://www.jhs.co.uk/reviews/G&B%20DEC%20(V100MRPGM).pdf).

I'm after one myself, albeit a left handed one. But even that will be less than £400, so a right handed could be cheaper than you had in mind anyway. Obviously it will give you a great blues/"classic" rock sound, but if you look on YouTube there are plenty of people shredding away on them.

Hope that helps.
Cheers for the replies!

I'm defo gonna check out the LTD EC-256 and the Epiphone Les Paul and I'll give the Vintage ago also.

Any ideas how much The Ibanez ARZ400 is and if its avaliable in the uk? I can't find it for sale online. Is it a new model? It definately fits what I'm looking for.
2 choices,

epiphone les paul custom


The guitar I wish I got: an indie LP, I played it, and compared to the epiphone, the quality is out of this world. They've recently moved themselves to Canada, so I don't know what this means for the quality of the instruments, but they are seriously incredible, they really feeel like gibsons in terms of sheer comfort and neck speed