So I tuned my guitar down to drop C for the moment, and i realized that I only know like 3 or four songs in drop C. (Tears Dont Fall, Your Betrayal, Downfall Of Us All, and All I Want) Do you guys have any good songs that Ive missed?
almost everything by killswitch engage.
august burns red also and tons of other bands.
almost every metalcore band used to play in drop c.
St. Anger has some great riffs if you like it, and is almost all drop C except a couple songs
Anything by any screamo/hardcore/shit band ever.

Seriously though, most Bullet for My Valentine.

If you want to go lower, alot of amon amarth is in drop B.
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As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, As Blood Runs Black- any core band you think of likely has some songs in drop C
Atreyu is almost exclusively drop C, try learning doomsday its pretty badass
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Most of Dethklok is in drop C.
Also The Human Abstract and The Black Dahlia Murder
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Most of Dethklok is in drop C.

No, it isn't. Almost every song is in C standard.

Also, anything played in drop B will sound good in C as well, any slipknot, machinhead (they mostly play drop B now), five fingered death punch, system of a down, and a lot of stuff you wouldn't think like collective soul...