So I ordered an Artec Noise Gate 2 weeks back, showed up today. For 50 dollars shipped to Canada I figured why the hell not.

Here's a pic.


Has two knobs, one for output and one for sensitivity. The output knob at about 12 O clock matches the output as normal, you can use it as a boost essentially with just this knob alone which isn't a bad thing now I think about it. The sensitivity knob at first I couldn't figure out what the hell it did lol. Its a threshold knob essentially. The less noise you need to gate the higher you set it. I touch my strings, then start with the knob at high sensitivity, the roll it back till it cuts off the noise. Has an LED indicator that changes to red when the noise is being gated. Metal casing, nice switch, 'True bypass".


Well, at first It didn't seem to be doing much. I read some reviews and someone said it didn't really do much gating because it would not recognize the noise from the pedal itself. So, I was fiddling around with it for a few hours getting an idea of how it works, where it works. another thing I read was that it seemed to work better before pedals.

When I put it after my overdrives and used my strat it didn't seem to do anything at all. I couldn't figure out why the hell not. Then I thought about it and it because if I'm using the drives not the amps overdrive, its like I'm putting it in the effects loop of my amp and cutting the amp noise, or in this case pedal noise which is basically nothing only for the compressor really. So I then switched everything around and it works great.

Cuts the noise when your not playing. There is a slight treble roll of when engaged, but nothing you can't Eq out. However it don't suck tone when not used. It works quite well once you figure out how to use it and where.

One con about this pedal, although its not a big thing because you never have to set the sensitivity that low, when its sell really low for allot of noise, there is a bit of a delay when you hit the strings again because of how low the sensitivity is, but its not a big deal because it does high gain hiss with it about halfway.

Seems well built, like the other artec pedals I've had they had no problems, solid casing, nicely sized, decent switch, easy to press but true bypass or not, it dosen't suck tone. I'm happy with the purchase, anyone looking for a decent gate for cheap, this is a good choice. Its no ISP decimator, but its better than the cheaper ones. The Boss one
has a shitty buffer, but it has the extra outputs to use the X pattern which is nice. But this is half the price. Good for on the cheap

Here's some clips.

With a Tele - http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?q=hi&songID=10932621

Starts with the bridge pickup and the gate off, hear the excess noise. Then I go back and forth with it on and off. Both knobs at noon, could have been a little higher on the sensitivity knob but it worked. Neck pickup is used later.

With my SX - http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?q=hi&songID=10932674

Again starts without the gate. Bridge pickup the whole time. I strat with the gain on my Triple X at 9 o clock with the bad monkey as a boost. Where I usually have the gain set to, maybe a little too high. Gate is set to around 3 o clock. As I increase the gain and the hum I set it back to 12 o clock. and a little before 12. You can really see how much hum it can take away. Around 1:20 ish, when you noise is really high, even when I turn on the gate there is still a little bit of noise. Thats actually the amp noise not the guitars noise. I only had the sensitivy up half way. Didn't bother to go any higher because I was already using allot of gain which people don't use that much anyway I hope.

Any questions feel free to ask.
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Nice. HNPD!
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