This is a poem a wrote a while back, Tell me what you think of it, love it or hate it let me know. I already posted it as a blog and i got quiet a bit of positive feedback on here and from people at school. I want to know what more people think. This is also my first forum post so i'm sorry if i screw somthing up.

The Wind Carries Me:

I look down at the forest below
The towering trees
The flow of the stream
My eye catches a glimmer below
I swoop down to catch it
But dissapears as I land

I soar high above the sea
The crashing waves
The salt scented air
Something strange jumps from the water
I dive down to catch it
But sinks as i fly by

I get lost above the clouds
I am blinded from the world
The wind now carries me

I circle a mountain
The staggering rocks
The breathtaking scene
I see a figure at the peak
I go to greet it
But dissapears when our hands meet

I fly over a vast plain
A small lake
An ocean of green
A hunter aims his bow towards me
The arrow misses
The hunter dissapears with a blink

I am blinded from the world
Its not what it seems
The wind now carries me

I crash into a cave
In complete darkness
I make out weird things
A candle lights in the distance
It moves further as I move forward
It fades with my own breath

There is a city in the distance
Flying cars
And blinding lights
Something flashes from a building
I fly away
Knowing it wouldn't stay

Blinded from the world
What shines the most cannot last
I let the wind carry me

Comments would be greatly appreciated, just be honest