Does anyone own one of these and would be able to tell me a bit about them? Mostly I'm a bit worried about the reliability of them, since I've heard so many stories of DL4s dying and I intend to buy the M13 used, so it would have no warranty. Secondly, how does it actually compare to a DL4 in terms of post rock esque delays and such, which is primarily why I want it. From what I understand it would be the equivalent of four of them, but still with only one looper, or something. Also, unrelated, but is it acceptable still to haggle on used gear? I'd be buying it from a regional north east US chain and I'm thinking of trying to get them to throw in a used EX expression pedal for free. Anyway, thanks for responses.
it has the same delays that the dl4 has, but you can use 4 at a time.

as far as reliability, i've heard some people having trouble with the switches, but the switches are repairable if anything happens. plus, im sure theyll be fine as long as you arent jumping up and down on them
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