I just ordered last night. A new set of planet waves Auto-trim tuning machines in gold (they are locking tuners), a new Tonepros Metric Locking Tune-O-Matic Bridge (large posts) in gold, and a set of Seymour Duncan AHB-1 Blackout pickups metal cover in gold. I plan on installing all of this on my ESP LTD MH-250NT. The total amount I payed for the parts was $699.92 and the guitar itself was $700. What do you guys think?
I think that was a terrible idea.... Unless the original pickups were shit, then its not so bad.

Edit: On second thought, if most of the price was pickups, it not a terrible idea. Getting mew pickups is almost like getting a new guitar (soundwise)
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Was there even anything wrong with anything you're replacing? Even the hardware?
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The tuners are kind shot in a way. The bridge comes off when I re-string. I hate that and it looks horrible Meaning it is chipped and looks beat up and doesn't seem to keep in tune. The pickups are an upgrade from EMG's (which are the ones that come stock in the guitar.)

EDIT: Most of the price was pickups.
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