Hey fellow UG;ers, I have a question for those who play guitar in lower tunings like C#, C, B, Ab, A etc etc..

I own a ESP LTD V-200 (25.5 inch scale), I recently put on a pair of D'Addario Heavy Gauge strings (0.012, 0.016, 0.020p(?), 0.032, 0.042, 0.054) and tuned the guitar to C standard. Even with this heavy gauge strings, the strings are way too floppy for my type of playing. The answer to that would probably be to buy even thicker strings like 0.013 or something. But my question is, I'm probably going to but a new guitar soon (ESP LTD Ninja-600), and the scale of that guitar is 24.75 inches. If I wan't to tune that one down to C (like Michael Amott himself) will I have to buy EXTREMELY Heavy Gauge strings then? Or is their any other secret way of keeping the strings tense in such low tuning?
buy a 7 string.....
or atleast get a nice 27'' scale.... it well sound much better
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
what do u play?
i have my guitar in D standard/ drop C and its fine with 9s
any lower and the strings turn in to spaghetti
try an extended scale guitar, i.e 26"or 27" ibanez makes a few, ive seen a baritone ESP Viper but i dont know how easy it would be to find one, just googe baritone electric guitars, or find that catergory on the Guitarcenter or Muscians Friend website
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I've been thinking about getting the new Epiphone Robb Flynn signature V, it's a baritone Flying V in 27 inch scale, but I don't think it's available in Sweden yet.
I don't get it, how can Michael Amott (Arch Enemy) and Björn Gelotte (In Flames) tune their 24.75 inch scale guitars to C/ Drop Ab and keeping the tension in the strings? I know that Björn is using a 0.068 on his low E, and Michael a 0.059.
You don't have to buy heavier gauge strings, unless that is what you prefer. Give DR Stings a try... they have ones called DDT (drop down tuning), and they go as light as 10. They stay very tight even at lower tunings... no flopping around.
well they do make .13+ gauge strings but I'd recomend just getting an extended scale or a 7 string, imo

after searching a little bit out of my own curiosity I would try these myself

D'Adario Baritone Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball Baritone Slinky
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
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Another recommendation, if you want to spend the money. There are companies making DT units, such as the new Whammy-DT... you can drop down an entire octave with excellent tracking and no re-tuning of your strings.
Im using daddarrios 12-60 guage for drop C on a gibson 24-3/4" scale and thats perfect for me