hey guys, i just finished up my first EP, u dont have to crit the whole thing, u can just choose certain songs to listen to and crit or the whole thing, ur choice! and if u like it enough, its up for free download so feel free to download it. thanks!, i will def c4c!
"Let's Go": guitar playing is mostly very good. I like the notes/chords you are playing! Either the vocals grew on me, or they seemed to get better as the song plays (or both); singing is good overall (perhaps just slightly pitchy at times). I agree the vocals should be a little louder. Nice song! Please review my music at this link:


I've listened to all of your songs and I like them Though I agree with Guitar Hack, that your vocal needs a slight boost in some parts, other than that this is really nice stuff, the tone of your voice is great, as well as the sound of your guitar. Last song reminded me of Brian Molko and Placebo, mostly the way you sang it.

Cheers and if you have some time check these two


Listened to lets go. nice song. peaceful . I also agree vocals need just a bit of boost.
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Sounds fantastic! I wouldn't change anything besides a slight vocals boost. Other than that, well done! My favorite is "Hosanna".
Thanks for checking it out! I'm listening to "Let go, let's go." Great production, good vocals. As others have said, the vocals could stand to be a bit louder, OR, have some harmonies thrown in. Solid guitar playing and everything. Kind of has a Spill Canvas feel to it. Definitely a solid first EP and something to be proud of.
First off, you have an awesome surname, good sir. Secondly, this is nice and chilled. Also tight and played well. Kind've The Calling / Lifehouse-esque.

Like it man, keep it up.
Yo Homes, To Belair
Wooow. This feels like Dashboard, in a great way. If the vocals were produced better, it would make the world of difference, but they're not bad as is. Good work.
for fans of...

Motion City Soundtrack, Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Transit, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Early November, Fall Out Boy, Jawbreaker, Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far, the Wonder Years, Something Corporate.
thank u guys all for ur input, i promise i will get around to looking at all ur stuff asap!
Listened to the track Seasons first. Well... 3m20s of the same acoustic riff and sad vocals (that were a bit monotonous) REALLY didn't fit my mood. Dunno if I'll ever listen to it again... maybe when I feel depressed.

Hosanna - this is something more interesting. I liked lead guitar a lot, great tone. Vocals are better on this track, definitely. This track IS good, good job.

Good luck dude, you have a lot of potencial.
Kombat Gear:

          Songs are good, very radio friendly.
          Vocals could use a little boost as others said.

          Call to Me has a The Fray vibe at times.
          Hosanna's intro is pretty cool.
          Seasons could use an outro or something, it just ends and it feels kind of weird.

          I think it would be good to add more percussion to all songs and maybe some arrangements, some strings here and there, I could hear some in Seasons but they were way back.
          The artwork could use a little more work too, I like the minimalist look, but the letters kind of get lost in the background.

          The main problem I have with this songs is that I find them too mainstream, I mean, I wouldn't be able to differentiate them from a whole bunch of other artist in the same genre.
          That's just my two cents.

          thanks guys, seasons was a last minute discicion to put on the EP and as for everyone saying to bring the vocals up a biit, i would agree, i recorded all this myself and im nnot extremely skilled in what im doing and i honostly dont feel like going back and fixing it now lol, thanks for all ur input tho!
          Call to me

          The intro really works, and really sets the mood. It's sounds as if there are a few holes in the recording. The guitar sounds slightly out of tune, but has a nice balance of warmth. Your vocals are very fitting, and very cool, but they are mixed a bit too low. When the distorted guitar comes in, it sounds a bit muddy. Or, actually it may be a cymbal giving it that feel. Yeah, I think it is.

          Well, this is a great tune, so now I'm just being REALLY picky; the acoustic guitar falls out of rhythm one or few times, for a fraction of a second, I think. Nothing big, just wanted to make you aware of it, if you weren't.

          Anyway, I downloaded your album, and will bring it with me, when I go biking tomorrow. I might come back and tell you what I think about the rest

          Great job!