I just got a Schecter Hellraiser Solo (with a T.O.M.) and after a setup, the action is still too high for me. And I'm not one of those super low action freaks, I just like it at a reasonable height. The thing is that the bridge is at its lowest and the neck is nice and straight. I think the problem is probably coming from the nut holding the string too high (the strings are indeed pretty high above the first few frets). Filing the nut would probably solve the problem IMO, but it seems a bit radical as a solution... What do you guys think?
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Well, playing guitar will actually require you to press the strings all the way down.
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Any real help is appreciated!
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IF the neck is perfectly straight, you really have two options.
one being file the nut - file the bottom if you can get it off, not the top. BUT that is only if the nut is really too high. if you file it too low, then you have lower action and now buzz all over the lower frets as well.

i would put a business or credit card piece shim under the neck between the 2 neck bolts closest to the bridge. that will angle your neck back just a little bit and give you lower action. I dun it!
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does it? i dont know my schecters
bust out the saw, make it a bolt on!
i assume the TOM is set at its lowest already? if so, sounds like a poorly built guitar. im not sure theres much you can do except live with it or have someone recess the TOM, which wouldnt be fun
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Are the strings too high the entire length of the fretboard, only the middle, just the high strings, etc? If you can clarify a little more we can probably sort out the culprit.

If they're too high the entire length, either it's the nut was cut too tall or the truss rod has too much relief. If you end up filing the nut do it from the bottom, the string depths in relation with each other will still be factory and you have successfully lowered the nut using a single file. Cheaper, easier, more practical and convenient.
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I always read people saying a neck should be perfectly straight, but it should have the slightest bit of relief. I have a guitar repair guide that has sections on intonation, neck relief, etc. and the author of the book shows diagrams of guitar necks that have the right amount of relief, too much relief, not enough, etc.

My Eclipse is kind of the same way. It's a set-neck and the action is adjusted at its lowest so that there is no buzzing or notes that fret out, but it is still kind of high. It's not really a problem for me, but I started wondering if the action was just TOO high. When I look at the strings along the side of the neck, they look like they're miles away from the frets, lol.

Also, the neck on my Eclipse was once very straight and had lots of buzzing on the lower strings. I relieved it a little and the buzz was almost non-existent.

I think TOM style guitars are much different from string-thrus and even trems. My LTD is a string-thru and the action seems a lot lower than my Eclipse, but it's not that much different from my Eclipse other than that it doesn't have a tailpiece.

Before filing the nut, try giving the neck slight relief, adjust the action accordingly and see how that works.
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